Fixed braces

At our Portsmouth orthodontic practice we are fortunate to be able to offer all that modern orthodontics has available to our patients from fixed braces to hidden braces that you cannot see. We also treat patients using removable alternatives. The right treatment for you depends on your needs, some of the possible solutions are detailed below.

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    Fixed metal braces, often known as ‘train tracks’, are the most common type of orthodontic appliance used for children under the NHS. This traditional treatment option consists of brackets (small squares) attached to the front surface of your teeth, which are connected with very thin metal wires. These wires, known as archwires, apply gentle pressure to your teeth to help guide them into a straighter position.

    We use high-quality metal braces on our Southsea and Waterlooville NHS dentist patients and achieve excellent results.

    Technology has advanced in orthodontics and metal braces are now smaller and more compact than ever before, making them more comfortable to wear.

    Children often like to jazz them up and customise the braces with some colour. The tiny elastic bands used with each bracket to hold the wire in position come in a variety of colours. You can change the colour at your adjustment appointments. If you prefer your brace to look more discreet, you can opt for either the silver elastics.

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