Lingual braces

At our Portsmouth orthodontic practice we are fortunate to be able to offer all that modern orthodontics has available to our patients from fixed braces to hidden braces that you cannot see. We also treat patients using removable alternatives.

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Lingual Braces For Ed Ortho

These braces offer the ultimate in aesthetics with the very best results possible. They are similar to conventional braces but attach to the inside surface of the teeth so making them completely invisible. 

Like a traditional fixed brace in method, lingual braces are affixed to the backs of your teeth as opposed to the front, but they work in exactly the same way. 

    Only you and your dentist will know you’re wearing the brace meaning they are a perfect solution if this is important for you. Here’s how they work: 

    • With a combination of metal brackets and wires, we precisely position on the back of every tooth.
    • Your lingual braces will be permanently fixed to the backs of your teeth throughout treatment.
    • With routine appointments, we make small adjustments to straighten your teeth.
    • Full aftercare will be provided including retainers to ensure your results last.

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      Your dental fitness is essential if you are considering orthodontic treatment, but what does this mean? 

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